Thank you for choosing Carpet Doctor

We are a family owned, independent company that has been cleaning carpets in the Denver area since 1995! At Carpet Doctor, we strive for excellence and nothing but the best customer service to you, our loyal customers.

Why choose Carpet Doctor?

Carpet Doctor offers supreme quality carpet cleaning at an absolutely unbeatable price. 

We've also been a reliable company in the Denver Metro area since 1995 and we're not happy unless you're happy. We use state of the art truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment at every job we do. Plus, we do our six-step method at no extra cost to you:

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4. High-Temperature
2. Spot Treat
3. Move some 
1. Pre-spray
5. Groom & set Carpet Pile
6. Use Corner-guards to protect your walls and baseboards.
3. Move some
2. Treat Spots
4. High Temp truck-mounted cleaning

Tom Martino Interview

Customer Compliment - Tom Martino Show
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A Customer calls into The Trouble Shooter show to give us a great compliment. Thanks, Howard!

Carpet Doctor on The Trouble Shooter Show - Tom Martino Show
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Hear Tom talk about the Carpet Doctor on his show!

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We use one of the largest and most powerful carpet cleaning truckmounts available! Don't believe us? See the video above for more information!